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Customer training

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An overview and training program

, days after the goods delivery and acceptance sun-fly company free of charge for user training screen technology and the use of maintenance personnel 1-12 people in the two kinds of training, the training of personnel proficient in operating the system, and can handle some basic troubleshooting.

Training site is divided into training and basic training in two stages.

On-site training conditions

Along in the process of installation and debugging of the system, system operators participate in installation and debugging of system software and hardware. Training the main content includes:

System software installation

The daily maintenance of display information

Simple software troubleshooting

Simple hardware troubleshooting

Basic training conditions

Software training conditions

We for you free training technical personnel. Free training scope of work is as follows:

For each training personnel to provide the software operation manual book 1 day sun-fly company; Microcomputer used to provide training room and training, and equipped with the heads of the professional training of personnel responsible for the project. During training for 1 to 6 days.

In line with the attitude of responsible for the users, reliable, high-quality work from guarantee screen Angle, we in training you to before the formal mount guard training personnel evaluation, passer by day sun-fly company training certificate can mount guard operation. If the assessment is not eligible to mount guard work, we are not responsible for party a's staff all losses caused by wrong operation. . The assessment is not eligible to be extended until the company to obtain the license. In order to ensure the display project completion date, you can have a training qualified software operating personnel to operate, you must be in the contract within three days from the effective date to contact us, the arrangement of the training work.

The hardware system maintenance personnel training conditions

Days sun-fly for your 3 free training screen using hardware maintenance personnel. Free training scope is as follows:

For each training personnel to provide this day sun-fly hardware training handbook; Provide training venues and internship opportunities for training personnel, and equipped with professional and technical personnel responsible for the interpretation and guidance.

For your training personnel requirements are as follows:

Major in electronics or computer;

Two years of practical experience;

Beginning ability is strong.

During training free of charge for 1 to 6 days. Roughly arranged as following:

Display hardware theory knowledge training) (according to the specific circumstances in construction field,

Time: 3 days

Goal: display hardware theory knowledge, comprehensive training satisfy the daily maintenance and repair of the display system needs.


Devices: you can display all pin arrangement of electronic components, functional diagram, truth table, corresponding sex, use scope, the related parameters and light-emitting device.

Principle: master display drive way, the way to work. Understand display system structure, the driven plate communication card, board structure, working principle and function, familiar with the display screen, common to the requirement of grid power supply form, types of display switch power supply.

Structure configuration and connection: familiar with display the basic component of understanding and control parts, control and computer screens, distribution box and display the connection between methods and matters needing attention.

Note: during the training, will focus on training content and requirements of each part, to the inspection. The assessment results will be the only branch of the training results recorded in the training certificate.

Practice stage

Time: 2 days

Goal: to be truly combined theory with practice, make the training of personnel with comprehensive maintenance and maintenance skills.


Display breakdown maintenance: use the knowledge they learned in the early, independently eliminate the common faults of display screens.

Display daily maintenance: master outdoor displays daily maintenance (such as the computer on a regular basis, to remove the dust on the screen display distribution part of the daily maintenance, as well as to the regular surveillance of computer antivirus, hard disk, important data backup, etc.).

Installation: fully grasp the whole process of the installation, further understand the structure of the screen.

In line with the attitude of responsible for the users, reliable, high-quality work from guarantee screen Angle. We will according to the training evaluation result, grant day sun-fly company for training qualified personnel training certificate. To obtain the certificate before the formal mount guard.

Senior training system

According to the specific circumstances by both parties to determine the training objects, training courses and training time and place.