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Dozens of LED displays create 10% of New York's production value! Why can't domestic outdoor advertising achieve maximum value?
Can the LED display industry take advantage of the new retail industry to achieve change? Still to be observed
China's first LED naked-eye 3D cinema screen will be unveiled at the 2016 "Because of the Voice of Love" Charity Gala


Talent idea

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Talent is the capital of the enterprise, talent is the most
valuable wealth, the door to all the people who are interested in the car industry is open.
The company's standard is: with a sense of innovation and enterprising spirit.
The competition mechanism of the company is: one, light let, yongzhe.
Company to do everything we can to do: the right person, the right person.
Company not only through the treatment of people, the company is willing to leave the cause of the cause, the feelings of people