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Speech of the chairman

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The chairman of the ten anniversary of tianmaheld group to set up a speech


Tianmaheld company staff:

Hello everyone!


Tianma Hui company since its inception in 1999, we Ma Hui spirit of diligence, integrity, innovation, excellence, win-win spirit of culture. Together, we unity and struggle, overcome all difficulties and obstacles, make our survival, Ma Hui company peace spent months of ten years, in this decade, we tianmaheld human it paid a lot of effort, has made great contribution to: enable it to overcome the difficulties in the growth of the road, blazing new trails and thrives. Make it withstand the test of the international financial crisis; make it from the past weak without wind of seedlings, the growth of current can resist various cold tree……。


We Ma Hui to "the society continue to create value for the benefit of mankind in order to develop their self perfection, through personal excellence to achieve brilliant enterprises in order to achieve collectively referred to as the contribution to society and win-win" for "Tianma Hui spirit". Tianmaheld spirit originates from the society, return to society, tianmaheld spirit will create tianmaheld high-speed and stable development. Tianma Hui spirit from "diligence, integrity, innovation, excellence, win-win, both through hard work, integrity and innovation to achieve superior, with outstanding achieve win-win" corporate culture; Ma Hui spirit from "is committed to become attention within the industry the best LED and its application products manufacturers and the best solution provider. In customer service, the return of social responsibility, leading the domestic LED products mature, promote the sustained and healthy development road; enhance the application of information technology industry to catch up with the international level, "the mission of the enterprise; tianmaheld spirit from the" create display products, aircraft carriers, the establishment of sales service platform for global, first-class products, provide the first-class service "is the vision; tianmaheld from the spirit of" innovation, forge ahead, to struggle, the pursuit of excellence "spirit of enterprise; tianmaheld spirit from" to innovate the benefit of society "business philosophy; tianmaheld spirit from the" people-oriented, customer first, quality first, advanced technology "management philosophy; tianmaheld spirit from the" honest and trustworthy, grateful "enterprise belief and" continuous innovation, the pursuit of win-win "core values.


In the past ten years of development history, Ma Hui company in to the general manager for the center of the Executive Council under the leadership of, the company has consistently adhered to the company's focus on LED application products terminal, namely the development, design, production and sales of high-end LED display aspects. Currently due to domestic LED display technology into the mature period of development, conventional products of LED display technology, the basic open, market demand for high-speed growth, China's middle and low LED display in the stage of the intensive production. In order to adapt to the change of the market, our company production and sales model for the corresponding adjustment, from the past one-way sales to compound sales, through a large number of wholesale cheap LED display, expand and stabilize the market share, through research and development and production of high-end products, improve the business profit margins, and become the motive force of the development of enterprises. Company through the sale of this compound is a variety of sales model coexistence of effective application of the company not only have weathered the economic crisis, and adapt to the needs of the market, company's sales had exceeded billion yuan, increased by 30 percentage points over the previous year, every year excess to complete the annual task to develop the company, this promising data is the result of the concerted efforts of comrades, is we Tianma Hui "innovation, enterprising, hard work, make concerted efforts, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of the results! As the chairman of the board of directors of the company in this I to said heartfelt thanks!!!


Comrades! According to the LED display of the domestic market, the competition between display sales company has entered the white hot stage, we are under a lot of pressure, burden is heavy, this is like a marathon game, to win the final game victory, become a champion. Mainly by force, strategic and perseverance, the three indispensable. Through the following me about our company from the three aspects of the analysis can be draws the conclusion: the final victory is belongs to us tianmaheld company!


First say strength:

Inter company competition power refers to the comprehensive strength of the company's hardware environment (such as the capital equipment), capital chain strength, product quality, human resources, rational allocation, technical strength and management ability. Our company's comprehensive strength in the same industry has a strong competitiveness, mainly reflected in the following eight aspects:


First: the company's assets

Hardware environment of our company's current in the same industry in the leading position, we built more than 30000 square meters of office and production environment, more than ten automatic assembly line, for the production of our high-grade LED display, with 24 hours of uninterrupted service. Real assets of more than two billion more than, liquidity of nearly a million. In addition, due to the advantages of our products, Huaqi Bank of the United States also agreed to provide strong financial aid for us.


Second: strong R & D capability

Nearly ten years of production experience tells us, the product quality is a comprehensive factor, which includes the quality of the raw material selection, advanced product design, production and processing accuracy of each link on the line, the safety of transport links, the on-site installation and reasonable accuracy, etc., a product in any the manufacturing chain factors will affect the quality of the final products, so, we know that every detail of attention manufacturing is to ensure that the key to the quality of the final product, we also know how to protect the manufacturing chain link is not a problem, mainly rely on the production process control and management, therefore, we have formulated the measures of management with a series of control, for each set of products are developed with quality control procedures, and through continuous improvement of nearly ten years, summed up a set of suitable for effective tube company regulations. In short, ten years of production and engineering quality management experience to our company's product quality has been guaranteed.


Third: strong senior management team

Since the company since its establishment 10 years, adhere to the "people-oriented, customer first, quality first, technology leadership," the management idea, through the selection, training, testing and training procedure, training a large number of high, medium and low layer rich experience in the management of cadres, the number of management accounting for total number of companies (including the National Office of about 15 percent of about 300 people in total). In order to improve the system, to manage the system, the company set up to general manager as the center of the Standing Council. The Council consists of a chairman, vice chairman, secretary, director and a member of the composition, the relevant system and major decisions are by the Council vote through. The members of the board of directors of the board of directors come from the company's high level cadres, members of the relevant departments of the leadership and sales department, engineering department, production department, logistics department, finance department, planning department and other staff members. Company through the Ministry of human resources and administration needle for each functional department and the corresponding management cadres developed detailed job responsibilities, and to develop effective quarter and year-end performance appraisal methods.


Fourth: strong engineering installation and after-sales service team

Company to achieve "a global sales and service platform, the first-class products, provide first-class service" business vision, the company set up a engineering division, and in the engineering division under the after-sales service department, engineering department is responsible for project installation and after-sales. Engineering division, technical and management staff by the engineering division general manager, engineering division technical director, engineering steel structure technical manager, a major engineering project manager, project office director, engineering division of the office of the Secretary, senior engineer, engineers, assistant engineering division, after-sales service department manager. One of the engineers, assistant engineers in the country in the distribution of the number of offices, the number of people within 100, the main responsibility for the country's project installation and after-sales service. Our engineering and technical personnel is not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tired, steely determination, excellent technology, extraordinary perseverance, face the installation of any difficulties can be overcome spirit.


Fifth: strong first line management team

Production division is the company's largest department, the main task is to implement the Ministry of Commerce issued by the Ministry of production. The company plans to build two production plants, distribution in Shenzhen and Beijing, Shenzhen factory mainly to LED middle reaches of the main products, Beijing factory mainly to LED terminal products. The organizational structure of the plant: general manager, deputy general manager, do work room director and secretary, purchasing department, production department of quality management, logistics and transport department, production workshop, production workshop, production workshop, production workshop, production workshop and so on. The number of factories in the control of 200 people. Plan to set up factories in the country offices, mainly to do the LED display of the assembly of aging.


Sixth: strong marketing team

The Sales Department of the company by the company vice president of sales leadership, responsible for the general manager, assistant vice president under the sales, commercial director, marketing director, foreign sales director, director of domestic sales, planning director, leasing director, as well as at the home office general manager (20), foreign offices of constitutive general manager and each director consists of a number of departments, the total number of sales of the company control in less than 300 people, of which the office of the control in less than 10 people.


Seventh: strong technical development team

In order to meet the needs of the development of the company, the company plans to set up a research institute, engaged in the development of software and hardware. Use of our company's technical staff nearly 10 years of development experience and excellent development skills to solve problems existing generally in the current domestic LED application of terminal products, make our LED end product application technology to catch up with international standards, for company led the terminal application products in the industry from the beginning to the end to maintain the position of leader. Company plans to the annual income of 20% of the input to the product innovation and development, new products every year development plan of not less than 10, in order to activate the market by the shock of the fish, always maintain a high interest for the company marketing staff, 100 times the confidence.


Eighth: industry high-end products pioneer

Listed company of high-end products, in the domestic always compared with the same industry to more than a year in advance, the stereo screen indoor full color PT1RGB and PT1RGB on international is still in leading position, indoor and outdoor ball screen in the country in the leading position, other conventional mass production products its stability and display in the same industry in the leading position. Future we strive for always maintain the past the leading product technology, make full use of the advantages of our company development, give a breakthrough in the application of LED in different industries, such as television and stadium to be all kinds of special-shaped screen, especially overcome problems of LED indoor lighting and outdoor lighting technology.


Strategic analysis:

Strategy of the enterprise, also known as the competition strategy of the enterprise, our company's strategy includes marketing strategy, development strategy, brand strategy, financing strategy, technology development strategy, talent development strategy and resource development strategy. The formulation of the above strategy should be to create "a display products of aircraft carriers, the establishment of the global sales and service platform, the first-class products, provide first-class service" business vision for the purpose.


In terms of sales, we should by hybrid sales mobilize all can mobilize the power, through the establishment of brand effect of Tianma Hui to activate the market, by improving product display effect to stimulate the user purchase desire, by "do a products, and establish a model, open a piece of the market" approach, step-by-step, a piece of the market development, market control, gradually expand market share, improve the occupation rate of market. To this end, the unqualified products can not be manufactured for the user to ask the same type of low blocking products can not undertake. In addition, we should strengthen marketing efforts, all the way through vigorously promote tianmaheld led brand products, improve the visibility of Tianma Hui brand products. We only work along both lines through the above two ways, can coexist, improve market expansion speed. Of course, to improve the market share of close to the two aspects mentioned above is not enough, we must in all parts of the country by region to establish service outlets, and strengthen the overall quality of the installation and after-sales service personnel training and strengthening management, to establish reasonable and effective performance appraisal system, fully scheduling everyone's enthusiasm, truly "to provide first-class service" for the purpose of. Company shall establish a market oriented strategic objectives, brand strategy, financing strategy, technology development strategy, talent development strategy, resource development strategy should be to expand market as the goal, which established strategic combination will become the development strategy of the company, the brand strategy is service sales strategy, technology development strategy is to brand strategy, through the implementation of financing strategy for the implementation of the strategy to provide energy and talent development strategy is the necessary condition for the implementation of various strategies, the ultimate goal of strategy of resource development is improve the comprehensive strength of an enterprise, provide a strong impetus to the expansion of the market. The reasonable formulation of the above strategies is necessary to improve the combat effectiveness of the company. As long as we attach importance to and carry out more than a few of the strategic implementation, our strength will be very powerful, Tianma Hui company set will become a everybody depends on the development of the ideal platform!



Perseverance is the insistence, instead is to give up and insist on will succeed, give up will fail, is for competitors to clear away the obstacles, we tianmaheld no coward, only hero, in order to succeed, no people will give up. According to the current situation of domestic and international market, 2010 is my company realize one's ambition a year of rapid development, our company over the past ten years, through the accumulation of energy, now is the time to fast fission, as long as we make concerted efforts on power, make together, and is in the same direction, will accelerate the fission come, you should know what is the fission power, do not understand the comrade will understand it for the outbreak of the atomic bomb, the atomic bomb broke the power is not what can be resisted, that is to say, when conditions are ripe tianmaheld company will have strong market competitiveness, tianmaheld brand in the market impact the force is equivalent to the atomic bomb broke the power, there are second same LED brand products and brands contend LED tianmaheld dare!


Comrades, because LED display products has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, the application of LED products as the rapid development of chain reaction type, rising market demand for linear LED application products, according to the report, only China's LED industry scale has reached more than billion this year, especially with the rapid development of energy-saving LED lighting products in the future, the data will be by increasing exponentially, to be sure, tomorrow's lighting will be LED in the world, then I can say, as long as we carry forward the tianmaheld spirit, and a good grasp of the above three aspects of winning the final winner of the essentials, the battle of the stars, must belong to tianmaheld, tomorrow the world LED will be tianmaheld, people of the world!


Thank you!!!


January 2010