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Spring City's other landmark LED display project is perfectly unveiled


Tianmahui outdoor HD screen once again helped the construction of spiritual civilization in the capital


Tianmahui outdoor HD screen leads Kunming to show new fashion


Tianmahui 150 square meters outdoor surface stickers full color screen shine Xuchang Vocational and Technical College


Small pitch leader - 2014 APEC Beijing Yanqi Lake International Club Capital Island HD screen perfect debut



Open hole 3D cases

Is located in Kunming City, Qingnian Road Suning Appliance small garden shop 1 building facades of the outdoor full color LED display prior to the completion of commissioning, has been officially put into commercial operation, the outdoor full color LED display with the P10 surface mount three specifications, the entire display area of 325.6 square meters, Kunming is currently the largest piece of outdoor display, at the same time is the domestic outdoor surface mount full-color display area of the largest piece of full-color LED display, surface mount full-color LED display line with maximum difference has the following two aspects: 1, surface mount full-color display angle (level > 120 degrees, 120 degrees vertical, 2); surface mount full-color display, in order to achieve the display brightness certainly, the light emitting chip (14 * 14), therefore, the display temperature reduced, greatly prolong the life of the screen; 3, surface mount full-color display good consistency, soft images, wide visual range; characteristics of three aspects of the above, the next line will be outdoor LED display surface mount the display is replaced.
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