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Dozens of LED displays create 10% of New York's production value! Why can't domestic outdoor advertising achieve maximum value?
Can the LED display industry take advantage of the new retail industry to achieve change? Still to be observed
China's first LED naked-eye 3D cinema screen will be unveiled at the 2016 "Because of the Voice of Love" Charity Gala

China's first LED naked-eye 3D cinema screen will be unveiled at the 2016 "Because of the Voice of Love" Charity Gala

2016/11/24 17:43
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With the rapid development of 3D display technology, 3D products have become more and more popular, and have begun to enter the daily life of the public, people are no longer familiar with 3D display products. The most  intuitive performance of 3D technology is that 3D movies are springing up in cinemas. At present, most of the 3D movies on the market are "binocular movies", that is, viewers need to wear special glasses equipment to watch the virtual three-dimensional movie world and feel the various thrilling movements in the film, although through specific Auxiliary equipment can feel a certain degree of 3D stereo experience, but people still want to discard auxiliary equipment from the bottom of their hearts, completely naked to feel the shocking 3D effect.





However, on the road of product development of naked-eye 3D (the viewer does not need to wear special glasses equipment to watch 3D images), many industries have invested a lot of money, but they have not achieved the expected results. For example, LCD LCD naked eye 3D has a natural flaw in its brightness and viewing angle and structure of the screen, resulting in the development of LCD naked eye 3D for so many years, still not on the market scale; now, a truly subversive The naked-eye 3D product “LED naked-eye 3D cinema screen” will debut at the “Because of the Voice of Love” Charity Gala. This product not only gets rid of the traditional glasses-type naked-eye 3D wearing auxiliary equipment, but also compensates for the existence of LCD LCD naked-eye 3D. The short board, 3D effect experience has a qualitative leap compared to the current mainstream 3D effect of binoculars. The screen flies out of the display plane and directly hits the audience's face. The shocking effect has attracted many domestic heavyweight media reports.




According to Dr. Ma Quansheng, Chairman of Tianmahui Company, the research and development unit of the product, the company currently has timash3DV1.0, timash3DV1.25, timash3DV1.5, timash3DV3.0. Four indoor LED naked eye 3D cinema screens can be customized according to customers' actual needs. Production, size is not limited.

At present, the display content and performance of "VR" (ie virtual reality technology) products are very recognized by the market, but the biggest drawback of current 3D movies and VR products is that their display content must be viewed through the aid of polarized glasses, and the viewing time is long. It will damage the brain's nervous system and appear to be feeling tired and dizzy. Therefore, the perfection and application of Tianmahui's naked eye 3D technology will undoubtedly have a great impetus in the development of 3D movies and "VR" products such as "VR" products. Enjoy 3D images and videos for greater convenience!

The "Because of the Voice of Love" Charity Gala will be held at 19:30 on the evening of November 30, 2016 at the Middle Theatre, No. 65, Xingshi Road, Haidian District, Beijing. Welcome new and old friends to come to the site for guidance.

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China's first LED naked-eye 3D cinema screen will be unveiled at the 2016 "Because of the Voice of Love" Charity Gala