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Dozens of LED displays create 10% of New York's production value! Why can't domestic outdoor advertising achieve maximum value?
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Dozens of LED displays create 10% of New York's production value! Why can't domestic outdoor advertising achieve maximum value?

2018/04/24 17:47
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From: Guangdong LED Network

It has long been rumored that it is not  possible to go to the United States in New York, and it is not until New York Times Square. New York's Times Square, known as the "crossroads of the world", covers only 0.1% of downtown New York City. It is home to nearly 40 malls and theaters and is the most prosperous entertainment and shopping center in the area. In this piece of land, due to its core location, developed  commercial finance and high-density flow, the outdoor LED display installed on the walls of major buildings is favored by major  brands and is regarded as One of the best windows for “Attracting the Global Eyes”.

According to relevant data, Times Square has created a total output value of 10% in New York. Among them, the LED advertising screen has about 1.5 million exposures per day. The outdoor advertising revenue brought by it is far higher than the rental income of office buildings and becomes “sucking gold”. The important heroes have made Times Square enjoy the reputation of “global LED display stage” and become a must for foreign companies to promote and promote.






Although Chinese companies have been late in Times Square, they have been in existence for more than 20 years. From the beginning, only famous domestic enterprises put advertisements on Times Square, and in recent years, large and medium-sized enterprises have appeared here. In an instant, a "Chinese style" swept through Times Square, and Chinese brands became "frequent customers" of outdoor advertising in Times Square. Going out of the country and facing the world, highlighting the strength and influence of the company, is the goal of all medium and large enterprises, but a small number of small enterprises in China have entered Times Square, which also means that there is no influential outdoor advertising platform in China.

With the development of China's LED display and the development of innovative technology, the light and transparent, design-sensitive LED transparent display is widely used in the outdoor advertising field, both from the advertising effect and the urban aesthetics. Leap. With the continuous advancement of China's science and technology, China's LED display technology has taken a leading position in the world. Since 2011, LED displays made in China have been successively registered in New York Times Square, regardless of color, brightness or picture stability. In other respects, it is regarded as the world's first-class, attracting international tourists to praise. Under the background of the development technology of top LED display, why can't China's outdoor advertising bring satisfactory results to customers, so that domestic companies choose to spend a lot of money to advertise in New York Times Square?





On the one hand, geographically, New York is located in the heart of the Greater New York metropolitan area. It has a huge influence in business and finance. It is an international metropolis and one of the largest economic centers in the world. This brings a unique geographical advantage to New York's Times Square. Although China's economy is developing at a high speed and its status in the world is rising, due to the lack of domestic productivity and resource allocation capacity, there is still a long way to go before the economic powers, so that the influence of LED display outdoor advertising is not enough.

On the other hand, compared with foreign countries, innovation shows that China has not received enough attention. From pictures, videos, and LED displays to new technologies such as 3D and VR, from static, dynamic, to human-screen interaction, foreign LED display advertising operators are constantly seeking breakthroughs to push the form of advertising to more diverse. In the direction of development, such as Coca-Cola in the United States, New York Times Square has become the world's first and largest 3D mechanical billboard, using 1760 sports LED screen posts, showing a very smooth 3D flow. Not only does it bring a unique user experience to the audience, but it also attracts the attention of the world, thus achieving the effect of maximizing the spread of the brand.

As we all know, it is more difficult to establish a commercial center that can be compared with New York's Times Square in mainland China. However, in terms of the current situation, in the face of China's huge outdoor media demand, how to improve the transmission effect brought by LED outdoor display is necessary. The primary problem to be solved. In the past, in China, display manufacturers were only responsible for production and R&D, and advertising operators were only responsible for presenting content on LED displays. There was very little communication between the two. However, if you want to display the advertising content to the public in a perfect form, the advertising operator should cooperate with the LED display manufacturer, and the advertising operator can understand the technical support that the LED display can provide at this stage. The LED display manufacturer can also understand the industry. The most inspiration for design is a process of mutual understanding and a process of combining technology and inspiration. Ultimately, the novelty and creativity of content creation and advertising forms are realized, so as to attract more attention and create the greatest for the enterprise. Spread the value.

With the advancement of the international outdoor advertising creative display, China has also begun to pay attention to the innovation of LED outdoor advertising, and the domestic LED display research and development technology continues to advance, the LED outdoor advertising field has gradually matured. In the future, I believe that the Chinese LED outdoor advertising market Will not lose abroad, you can maximize the value of advertising.

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Dozens of LED displays create 10% of New York's production value! Why can't domestic outdoor advertising achieve maximum value?