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Can the LED display industry take advantage of the new retail industry to achieve change? Still to be observed
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Can the LED display industry take advantage of the new retail industry to achieve change? Still to be observed

2018/04/20 17:46
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Source: LED big screen network

Under the current new retail turmoil,many industry giants have joined forces to join the revolution in the retail industry in this new era. The LED display industry also hopes to take advantage of the new retail market, to create a better visual and shopping experience for customers and upgrade the retail store, driving the growth of the commercial display market. At the same time, the arrival of the new retail era has created new opportunities for LED screen companies to change supply chains, physical stores and even restructure the relationship between manufacturers and customers.

What is new retail? What is the difference between new retail and traditional retail? What industry opportunities can new retail bring? Ali said that the new retail is the reconstruction of the people's yard, Jingdong believes that the retail change is actually behind the retail infrastructure. change. Aside from these fancy definitions, we can be sure that the retail industry has reached a new stage of the times and is undergoing a huge transformation...

So, what impact will these have on the LED display industry for new retail?

First, the display terminal scene revolution of the retail mall

For the traditional physical retail, the construction of beautiful and beautiful stores, shopping centers, with high-quality products, courtesy services, plus environmental space, lighting, beauty Chen layout, etc., to give customers experience. However, such a scene has been excessively "commercialized" for decades, and the experience is similar, and for consumers, it is increasingly unattractive. At present, the scenes with LED large screens as display terminals have begun to be loved by more and more people, especially the LED commercial products with superimposed interaction, big data cloud operation, VR and other technologies, which will surely become the new retail field. The darling.

In the future, the terminal scene revolution under the new retail should focus on “design, interaction and experience”, and graft the scene into more cross-border elements to satisfy consumers' emotional needs such as individuality and design, and enrich the diversified experience. To form a new commercial space and atmosphere. The LED screen has become a window to communicate with customers about the value of the store and products.






Second, the transformation of the supply chain process of the screen enterprise

In the era of new retail, the essence of supply chain management of LED display manufacturers has not changed, or to integrate and coordinate all aspects of the chain, such as upstream raw material suppliers, various sales channels, warehouses, channel distributors, etc. In order to ensure that the products required by customers are accurately delivered to the customer in the shortest time, the cost of the entire system can be minimized while satisfying the service level.

To achieve this effect, the screen enterprise is required to have data-based logistics information integration capabilities, three-dimensional intelligent storage conditions, and standardized quality control management.

Third, help businesses restructure and consumer relations

Retail positioning is that all behaviors are oriented to consumer demand, breaking barriers such as technology and channels to create the best brand experience. Therefore, in the new retail era, when each customer is closely associated with their own smartphones, shopping malls, and other large-screen terminals, LED display manufacturers are also facing the help of customers (retail stores, etc.) to restructure and consumers. A major test of the relationship between the two.

How to do it? The core value lies in the data! Who can accurately help the business to grasp the consumer's product preferences, consumption path, consumption habits, member information, stored value information and other data information, and use the big data integration capabilities to further the data Analyze, organize, and quickly help the business to optimize the marketing, service experience, etc., who will be a big step in the new retail era.

From retail to new retail, not only is a “new” word, but new sales scenarios, new business-to-consumer relationships, new supply chain processes, and changes in the industry. Customers will also be new. Benefit from retail and enjoy more efficient service and better products. In the future, LED display manufacturers who really care about efficiency and end-user experience can truly enjoy the new retail.

The key words of this information are:
Can the LED display industry take advantage of the new retail industry to achieve change? Still to be observed