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LED wash wall lamp series


LED lighting

  • Product description
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    • Commodity name: LED wash wall lamp series
    • Commodity ID: TMH-XQD系列
  • LED wash wall lamp, as its name suggests, so that the light water washed over the wall, mainly used to do the construction of decorative lighting, as well as to outline the contours of large buildings! Because LED has the characteristics of energy saving, high luminous efficiency, rich color, long life and so on, it is widely used!

    Projection distance: according to the lens 5~20 meters, the smaller the angle, the more the projection distance.

    Luminous angle: 6-90 degree

    Mirror: glass reflective lens, the transmittance is 98-98%, not easy to spray, can resist UV radiation

    Lamp body adopts pure aluminum material, there are many optional shapes, such as square, long type, the optional length can be arbitrary: 300, 500, 600, 1000, 1200, 1500mm. Fixed width and height (1 m for conventional products)

    Protection class: IP65 - IP67 (IP68 maximum) structure type waterproof wall lamp effect can reach I67, with high waterproof, long time and so on. Even though the use of a long time does not affect its waterproof performance!!

    Wash wall lamp has a very different form, a long bar, round, square, length, size can choose their own, suitable for different shapes of building installation and use. Control also by the original master slave even machine control, development to the present support offline or built-in control, installation also supports wireless DMX control, lamp light effect channel also by the original conventional 3 channel, 4 to 20 channel upgrade, so that each lamp can be freely configured glow effect, in order to achieve different color shaping effect, to the large construction to shape the visual effect is completely different.

    Power specifications: can be divided into DC and AC, the general internal power supply external AC220V (AC110V), such as the city, the external DC24V, DC12V, DC27V, etc.. According to the different requirements of the voltage is also different.

    Color: full color, specifications colors, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and other colors.

    Wash wall lamp is suitable for: single building, historical buildings, exterior wall lighting, building lighting, Muronai Beterua; green landscape lighting, advertising, lighting, medical, cultural and other special facilities lighting; bar, dance halls and other entertainment lighting, etc..