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58 inch 4K LCD 3D advertising machine


3D advertising

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    • Commodity name: 58 inch 4K LCD 3D advertising machine
    • Commodity ID: TMH-3DGGJ4K-58系列

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    The professional team

    We have a domestic first-class technical team, from product development, production to after-sales service, we can provide the best products in the industry, to give you the best service.

    The perfect quality

    Our products all the is currently the industry's most advanced naked eye 3D production technology, quality naked eye 3D sources collocation, absolutely can bring you the extraordinary and unforgettable visual experience.

    The preferential price

    We have our own factory and production line, all the products can achieve mass production, lower cost, product prices in the same industry has more advantages.

    The customized service

    We can provide customers with customized services, as long as you put forward specific product requirements, our professional team can tailor you for your products, and provide a complete solution, so that you use our products more handy, and get the best publicity effect.

    The recommended sources

    We made a number of excellent sources of domestic 3D companies have reached a strategic partnership. Customers to buy our products can free use of the product assembly quality 3D sources display, can also through the industry the most preferential price, commissioned and company of sources for our cooperation making exclusive sources.