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3D TMH-LED indoor advertising naked eye machine


3D advertising

  • Product description
  • Product introduction
  • Detailed parameters
    • Commodity name: 3D TMH-LED indoor advertising naked eye machine
    • Commodity ID: TMH-LEDGGJ-N系
  • I led the naked eye 3D advertising machine is the company's newly developed indoor push advertising of innovative products, the types of advertising machine based upon our naked eye 3D LED screen characteristics of R & D, inheriting our naked eye 3D LED screen best screen display, and realize the volume conservation, area saving, cost saving, convenient mobile etc. many characteristics, cost savings for the user at the same time and very good realization of the super attract eyeball advertising effect. It is a new generation of indoor, outdoor and semi outdoor advertising media very ideal.

    My company's existing P1 screen type of cost, can be customized according to customer demand, its shape can be combined with the market mainstream form of a separate design (can be more shapes more dimensions). Because the LED lamp is compared to the LCD screen has a higher brightness, a wider perspective, and more bright colors, and LED lamp life is longer, lower maintenance costs. Therefore, compared with the traditional LED advertising machine has more advantages.

    Our company LED indoor naked eye 3D advertising machine reference ordinary advertising machine design of three kinds of appearance! The proposal of screen size in 100 inches and the selection of our LED LCD advertising machine, 100 inches above the selection of our indoor LED naked eye 3D advertising machine. Relative of the naked eye 3dled advertising machine liquid crystal naked eye 3D advertising machine, not only in the angle of view wider area can be to do more, brightness can be higher, but also in play 3D effect is also superior, in the same sources, same resolution, the naked eye 3dled screen the screen depth more high (at about 10 meters, and liquid crystal screen depth is about 4 - 5 meters)


  • My company's separate P1 screen ModelParameter is as follows:



    Screen size(inch)

    110 inches

    Product number(code)


    3D resolution(px)


    Sample screen area(m²)


    Sample screen module


    Sample screen box composition


    Sample screen box size(mm)


    Sample screen box pixel(px)


    LED spacing(mm)


    Screen Brightness(cd/m²)


    Viewing angle

    Level ≥140°, vertical ≥140°

    Play file

    8 view or 9 view format

    Raster attribute

    Slit grating

    Display effect

    A new generation of naked-eye 3D LED advertising machine independently developed by Tianma Hui, realistic 3D effect

    Application range

    Science and Technology Exhibition Hall, City Planning Institute, Airport, Station, Cinema, etc.

    Appearance style


    More customizable models, please contact us