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Dozens of LED displays create 10% of New York's production value! Why can't domestic outdoor advertising achieve maximum value?
Can the LED display industry take advantage of the new retail industry to achieve change? Still to be observed
China's first LED naked-eye 3D cinema screen will be unveiled at the 2016 "Because of the Voice of Love" Charity Gala
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Day sun-fly grating glass screen

Product model:
TMH-BL25 series
Product introduction
Detailed parameters
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My company TMH - BL25 screen is now the market popular glass screen, its light quality, drafty pervious to light the seismic, applicable to building glass curtain wall inside and outside the installation of large area display. Depending on the type can be divided into two through type (drafty pervious to light), single through type (drafty opaque)

Product features:

Weight less than 25 kg / ㎡, lightweight design, easy to tear open outfit and transport

New type of high photosynthetic efficiency of LED lamps, high brightness, fully meet the demand of outdoor use

RGB lamp design and innovation, perspective is wide, wide audience

Positive glue mixer, IP65 protection grade, suitable for all-weather outdoor environment

Grille modular design, easy to remove, easy to maintain

Chamber LvKong design, light transmittance as high as 40% above, small wind resistance, strong resistance to load

Internal walk line design, so the screen body more beautiful



Scope of application:

Designs city-lighting outdoor advertising media



Grating LED display(TMH-BL25)

Pixel spacing

25mm (Landscape) ×25mm (Portrait)

Pixel density

1600 points/m2

Lamp configuration


Lamp type


Display angle

120° horizontal, 60° vertical


6000 cd/m²

Drive mode


Gray level


Refresh rate


Frame change frequency

60 Hz

Brightness adjustment method

Manual / automatic / program control


40% or more

Module size


Module resolution


Module weight

25 Kg/m²

Operating Voltage

AC 220V

Average power consumption

≤150 W/m²

Maximum power consumption


Maintenance method

Post maintenance

IP rating

Front IP65, back IP54

Working environment

-20℃ - +55℃/10-90%RH

Storage environment

-40℃ - +65℃/10-90%RH

Life span