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The stage hd LED display system solutions


Theatre display system

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  • Is to start building all over the country in recent years, the city's iconic large public cultural facilities, among them, the "grand theatre" more heat, distributed in the theatres have sprung up all over. These provide a platform for high art and large performance culture around the "art" is a window, is the best stage to reveal art life and artistic charm, is to improve the levels of city, culture and national culture grade of the important way.

    Cinema LED electronic screen design concept

    Cinema LED electronic screen overturns the traditional display the structure of a single display features. It can use requirement according to different environment, present a different shape, and the theatre site structure to achieve perfect fusion, in the ornament of the theatre at the same time, also greatly expanded the application range of the big screen. Floor tile screen theater LED electronic screen and stage, generally USES the omni-directional visual multifunctional design, and the integration of light and thin structure design idea, in order to reduce the screen body bearing burden on the stage, steel, and can achieve any combination or single move, up or down, rotate 360 degrees, clever and lightsome, move move is very.

    Carrying the latest LED technology centre for the performing arts, also implements the perfect fusion of sound, light, color, vivid images with the shock of the perfect combination of music, create a grand scene, has contemporary feeling extremely. Especially highlights, slow-motion replay, close-up and special background environment construction, the performance of the artistic conception is developed to get incisively and vividly. Gleaming display new multidimensional visual impact effect to the audience, makes the performance all climax, tie-in effect of dazzle beautiful stage, lighting, etc, let the audience, for the audience is on the increase, beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

    The theater LED electronic screen quality guarantee

    People to the attention of the theater LED electronic screen, outside two aspects: the quality and safety, our company can according to customer needs, high-definition LED electronic screen using the CREE tube XinJi materials, high resolution, full color, beautiful image, the attenuation degree is extremely low, effectively guarantee the excellent color reduction degree and special display effects at the same time, our company for engineering staff conducted a systematic and comprehensive training, so as to ensure the large screen screen flatness, no see flat-fell seam characteristics. According to the lifting point of the theatre and the special requirements of using the environment, our company also developed a series of scientific and rigorous solution, to ensure construction safety.

    In a theater in the design of LED large screen system, our company adopted a lot of the latest high-end display, energy-saving technology, new structure, mature technology, the whole performance of the LED display has improved greatly. Product especially in the color reduction, imaging, gray level, low energy consumption, low quantity of heat, weight and strength has incomparable advantage over other manufacturers display products, for the high-end customers with the best advertisement carrier. Large LED electronic screen not only high brightness, high resolution, also has the function of a single point of brightness and chromaticity correction, 16-bit data processing, reduced even brightness when no loss of gray features, display, and pleasing to the eye picture fluctuates myriad, bring people's feeling of beauty, there is hope for a better life.

    My company product variety is complete, the main models have indoor full color P3, P4, P5, P6, P7.62, P8, P10. And indoor ¢3.75, ¢5, P10 ChanGong, double colors such as screen, LED screen to choose to use for the theatre stage.