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Spring City's other landmark LED display project is perfectly unveiled


Tianmahui outdoor HD screen once again helped the construction of spiritual civilization in the capital


Tianmahui outdoor HD screen leads Kunming to show new fashion


Tianmahui 150 square meters outdoor surface stickers full color screen shine Xuchang Vocational and Technical College


Small pitch leader - 2014 APEC Beijing Yanqi Lake International Club Capital Island HD screen perfect debut



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Tianmahui outdoor HD screen once again helped the construction of spiritual civilization in the capital


Recently, Tianma Hui built an outdoor LED surface mount HD display in Beijing Century Square. The screen size is PH10mm and the area is 206 square meters. Beijing Century Square was built in 1999 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The theme of the Tianyuan is the theme of harmony between man and nature. It is an important entertainment venue for Beijing citizens. This screen can perfectly reproduce the full HD video and high-definition pictures, which can be very powerful for the audience. The visual experience is expanded, and the position of the screen also increases the effective arrival rate of the display advertisement, realizing a strong combination of high communication effect and high return rate.




In addition to the currently completed Beijing Century Plaza project, Tianmahui has many large-scale outdoor LED display projects in Beijing, such as the first outdoor outdoor surface-mounted full-color HD screen (Shougang Group project) in West Chang'an Street, Beijing. Yuliangyingqiao Wanxing Square outdoor curved screen project, China Children's Base outdoor curved screen project, Changping Beixin outdoor surface sticker full color screen project.


Shougang Group project (two pieces)  120㎡

Beijing Wanxing Square  161㎡

   Children's base project   120㎡

Changping Beixin Outdoor Project 112㎡


The reason why Tianmahui outdoor large surface mount (SMD) LED display can be opened in the capital Beijing is not only because Tianmahui has rich experience in the production of large outdoor “SMD” LED display (the first in China) The development of outdoor large-scale "SMD" LED display manufacturers), is also derived from Tian Mahui's control of outdoor "SMD" quality, namely Tianmahui outdoor "SMD" according to its The environment to be used and the characteristics of SMD heat dissipation, a series of quality control procedures from design to production and engineering installation for improving the effect and reliability of use! Five years ago, Tianma Hui solved the fatal flaws (mosaic) of the "inline" LED display of the outdoor mainstream products at that time. Boldly did a lot of experiments on SMD applications outdoors. According to the problems, the experts related to SMD manufacturers. Discussing together, continuously improving, finally solved all the problems, making outdoor surface mount (SMD) become the mainstream product of outdoor large screen. In the development of outdoor surface mount (SMD) large screen, Tianmahui experienced great setbacks. I have paid a lot of tuition fees, but from the current market development, Tianma Hui’s contribution is worthwhile. Tianma Hui’s outdoor surface mount (SMD) LED large screen has been recognized by the market and has become the current and future outdoor LED. The mainstream products of advertising screens, in addition to the "LED display panel naked-eye 3D display" series of application products, outdoor surface mount (SMD) LED large screen has become another business card in the industry, Tianma Hui people will always do this proud!

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