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LED street lamp series


LED lighting

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    • Commodity name: LED street lamp series
    • Commodity ID: TMH-LD系列
  • LED street lamp has the characteristics of no pollution, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, long life and so on, therefore, LED street lamps will become the best choice for energy saving.

    Road lighting is an important part of urban lighting, is often used in the traditional street lamp, high pressure sodium lamp 360 degree light, light loss of the shortcomings caused a great waste of energy. At present, the global environment is deteriorating, and all countries are developing clean energy. With the rapid growth of the national economy, the contradiction between energy supply and demand in our country is becoming more and more serious. The power supply is beginning to have a serious shortage, and energy saving is a problem that needs to be solved urgently. Therefore, the development of new high efficiency, energy saving, long life, high color index, environmental protection LED street lamps for urban lighting energy saving has very important significance.

    Road lighting is closely related to people's production and life. With the rapid development of urbanization, the advantages of LED street lamps, such as directional light emission, low power consumption, good driving performance, high response speed, high seismic capacity, long service life, green environmental protection and so on, become the new generation of energy-saving light source, therefore, LED street lamps will become the best choice for road lighting energy saving.

    Our company street lamps use the whole aluminum lamp cooling technology, perfect solution to the LED heat problem, free of dust, water design.

    LED street lights:

    1, the characteristics of one-way -- light, no light diffusion, ensure light efficiency.

    2, LED street lamp has a unique two optical design, the light irradiation of LED street lamp to the area of the need to further improve the illumination efficiency, in order to achieve energy saving purposes.

    3, LED has reached 110-130lm/W, but there is still a lot of room for development, the theoretical value of 360lm/W. And high-pressure sodium lamp luminous efficiency is with the power increase will increase. Therefore, the overall luminous efficiency of LED street lamp is better than high voltage sodium lamp strong; the overall light effect is theoretically actually 250W high pressure sodium lamp light efficiency higher than LED lamp).

    4, LED street lamp light display color is much higher than that of high pressure sodium lamp, high pressure sodium lamp Hin color index only 23%, and LED street lamp significantly color index reached more than 75, from the perspective of visual psychology, achieve the same brightness, LED street lamp illuminance average decreased more than 20% compared to the high-pressure sodium lamp.

    5, And small light attenuation, attenuation of a year of less than 3%, the use of 10 years still reached the requirements of the road, and high pressure sodium lights decline, about a year has dropped more than 30%. Therefore, LED street lamp in the design of the use of power can lower than the high-pressure sodium lamp.

    6, LED street lamp has automatic control energy saving device, can achieve the maximum possible to meet the requirements of different periods of lighting power, save energy. Can realize the computer dimming, time control, light control, temperature control, automatic inspection and other human functions.

    7, long life: can use 50000 hours or more, to provide three years of quality assurance. The shortage is that the power supply is not guaranteed.

    8, high light efficiency: using more than 100LM above the chip, compared with the traditional high pressure sodium lamp can save 75%.

    9, easy installation: no need to add buried cable without rectifier, directly to the installation in pole connected or nested source original shell.

    10, excellent thermal control: the summer temperature control in 45 degrees below, and the use of passive cooling method, the summer heat dissipation.

    11, quality and reliability: all the circuit power supply high quality components, each LED has a separate flow protection, without the need to worry about damage.

    12, color uniformity: without lens, not to increase the brightness and uniform light color so as to ensure no sacrifice, iris color uniformity.

    13, LED does not contain harmful metal mercury, the environment will not cause damage to the environment.

    The principle of comprehensive energy saving effect is remarkable, instead of high pressure sodium lamp can save more than 60%.

    Maintenance costs are low: compared with the traditional street lamp, LED street lamp maintenance cost is very low, after comparison, less than 6 years to recover all the investment costs.