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LED mining lamp series


LED lighting

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    • Commodity name: LED mining lamp series
    • Commodity ID: TMH-GKD系列
  • Industrial and mining lamps that are used in the production of factories, mines, the use of lamps. In addition to the use of a variety of lamps in the general environment, there are special circumstances of the use of explosion-proof lights and anti - corrosion, as there are industrial and mining lamps for some large high-rise buildings.

    According to the lighting function can be divided into two kinds of general lighting and local lighting.

    General lighting lamps are usually arranged on the top or side wall of the working place, and the whole working face is illuminated, and the energy saving and high power LED industrial lamps should be adopted. General lighting lamps have a high demand for the distribution of light, the two types of direct illumination type and semi direct illumination type are widely used, especially the latter. Semi direct lighting type in part to a light roof, can increase the brightness of the roof, to create a more comfortable, more bright environment.

    Local lighting lamp is a kind of lamp which improves the illumination of a certain working part. Its role can be based on the general lighting, to strengthen, add lighting, but also can be in some places (such as equipment maintenance, maintenance place) as a temporary lighting. Most of the light distribution is not strictly defined.