Spring City's other landmark LED display project is perfectly unveiled

Located in the harmonious square of Panlong District, Kunming, it occupies the commanding heights of the city's northern district economy. As the top priority of Kunming's government planning, it will be the gathering center of the urban elite group, and the economic and business center of the new Kunming in the future. A few days ago, several outdoor LED high-definition screens lit up on the Harmony Square building became the most dazzling view of Harmony Square.



The outdoor HD LED screen is manufactured by Tianma Hui Optoelectronics. The specification is TIMASHWP10, with an area of 1200m² and a resolution of 2K. It is the highest resolution outdoor display in the Harmony Square business district. The screen is based on architectural style such as a waterfall. Inlaid on the outer wall of the building, after the screen is successfully lit, the picture quality is clear, the color is bright and natural, the play is stable and smooth, the visual experience is excellent, and the perfect display effect makes the user amazed. At present, the screen has become a new "business card" in Harmony Square.


The features of this screen mainly include:

Delicate display

The project's products are Tianmahui's outdoor high-end energy-saving screen, high screen resolution, ultra-high contrast imaging design and original grayscale processing technology, which can naturally display ultra-wide-range video images and advertising images.

At the same time, the project adopts unique energy-saving technology, which effectively reduces the operating cost of the product;

Full-view imaging design, the front and side of the screen can achieve a wide range of viewing without color difference, uniform color, and full picture layering;

The products are designed and produced according to industrial grade standards. After dozens of production processes and hundreds of comprehensive inspections, the original patented mask design, dustproof and waterproof, the protection grade is IP65, safe and reliable;




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