Tianmahui outdoor HD screen leads Kunming to show new fashion

Kunming City synthesis with square is 870000 square meters, is represented here in kunming mansion house quality, also marked the new height of the kunming, 269 meters is 7 grade a office buildings, commercial nearly 90000 square meters of kunming, the City there is also the first delicate fashion and unique collection of leisure entertainment, fashion restaurant, SHOPPING experience as one of the SHOPPING MALL.


Recently, in the most commercial value in prime locations, Beijing day sun-fly blockbuster, hand in hand with square developers built in this two models for TMHWPT10, with a total area of 687 square meters of large-scale high-end outdoor LED display, the two pieces of screen are installed in the same square to the north and the south, the project installation position higher off the ground, and display area is large, humid climate, coupled with kunming to product quality and engineering installation has a high requirement, in order to building a perfect fit, the screen mounted with hanging with arc model, the characteristics of the product's biggest box ultra-thin, lightweight, high-definition images, screen light after, immediately became the most bright eye with square a scenery, also for days sun-fly in one of the successful cases of the southwest has a pen.