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LED display screen (electronic switch type help lens 3 d)


3D display

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    • Commodity name: LED display screen (electronic switch type help lens 3 d)
    • Commodity ID: TMH-ZJKG series
  • My company electronic switch to mirror 3 d screen, is on the basis of the quality of conventional LED screen by improving and upgrading, due to the improved LED screen has a higher refresh rate, more sophisticated quality, so the improved LED by electronic switch type glasses can provide more realistic 3 d images.

    Electronic switch to mirror (i.e., the shutter type) the principle of 3 d technology is based on the human eye to video frequency refresh time to realize, by improving the image of fast refresh rate (to at least 120 hz) left and right eye a 60 hz refresh fast image would right image won't produce jitter, and keep the same as the 2 d video frames, the audience's two eyes see different images quickly switch, and illusion in the brain, then watch the stereo images, electronic switch to mirror (i.e., the shutter type) 3 d technology has the advantage of its realistic 3 d effect implementation.