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LED 3D display (polarized)


3D display

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    • Commodity name: LED 3D display (polarized)
    • Commodity ID: TMH-ZJPZ系列
  • Our company, the 3D screen, is a special optical image processing, which can display two of the same picture of the same picture, through the polarized 3D glasses to the light, so as to divide the two images into the eyes of the people, so as to achieve the effect of 3D.

    Polarization 3D is the use of the "vibration direction" principle to decompose the original image, through the display screen on the polarizing plate, you can see the two polarized direction of the two images, when the screen through the polarization, because the polarization of each lens can only accept a polarized direction of the picture, so that people can receive two sets of images, and then through the brain.

    The color loss of the polarized 3D technology is the smallest, the color display is more accurate, and more close to the original value. Its viewing angle is bigger, the glasses cost is cheap.