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Tianmaheld LED naked eye 3D display


3D display

  • Product description
  • Product introduction
  • Detailed parameters
    • Commodity name: Tianmaheld LED naked eye 3D display
    • Commodity ID: TMH-LY3D系列
  • 3D display technology is the use of a series of optical methods to make people around the eyes produce parallax to accept different images, the formation of 3D in the brain three-dimensional effect of technology. Beijing tianmaheld electronic technology limited liability company after years of effort, in 3D display technology research and development has made a major breakthrough, 3D image processing capabilities to enhance the quality, also let Beijing tianmaheld in full 3D effect to show technology on the walk in the forefront of the country.

    Beijing tianmaheld naked eye 3D display does not need any auxiliary equipment (such as 3D glasses) can be obtained with space, the depth of a vivid stereoscopic image and picture of things that can be convex out of the picture can also be hidden in the picture. Vivid, true to life likeness, is the true sense of the three-dimensional image. Beijing tianmaheld naked eye 3D display consists of LCD screen series series and LED two series.

    Our company LED naked eye 3D display products according to different scope, can be divided into indoor and outdoor screen by screen

    The outdoor use of the screen is divided into:

    1, 3D advertising display. 2, 3D outdoor stadium real-time display. 3 other types.

    Indoor screen is divided into:

    1, home theater - the naked eye LED 3D TV series. 2, the naked eye LED 3D big screen series. 3, other series


  • Naked eye 3D LED display two conventional products


    Section A(1920mode)

    Section B(1280mode)

    Screen size

    550 inch

    180 inch

    Product number

    Naked eye 3DLED V1.0-550

    Naked eye 3DLED V1.0-180

    3D resolution



    Sample screen area

    19.91 m²

    8.85 m²

    Sample screen box composition



    Sample screen box size



    Sample screen box pixel



    LED spacing



    Screen Brightness


    Viewing angle

    Level ≥140°, vertical ≥140°

    Play file

    8 view or 9 view format

    Raster attribute

    Slit grating

    Display effect

    A new generation of naked-eye 3D LED display independently developed by Tianmahui, with large screen and realistic 3D effect

    Application range

    Science and Technology Exhibition Hall, City Planning Institute, Airport, Station, Cinema, etc.

    Appearance style

    Desktop, wall-mounted, Floor-standing


    Our company can customize all kinds of naked-eye 3D LED screens according to different needs of customers!