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Tianmaheld LED digital planet


Creative LED screen

  • Product description
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    • Commodity name: Tianmaheld LED digital planet
    • Commodity ID: TMH-SZXQ 系列
  • TMHNPTD1733RGBGLed “Digital Planet” is one type of display screen of the LED Atypical Series developed by our company. The product has solved the weakness that the display content is restricted by viewing angle and the shape is single, realizing the 360-degree angle display, which can allow visitors to watch the content of display screen intuitively at any position; meanwhile, “Digital Planet” can show the 3D map of the internal structure of all spherical objects with more intuitive effect. TMHNPTD1733RGBGLed shall be widely used in science and technology museum, museums, city squares, airports, railway stations, docks, stadiums, building exterior, bars and other public places of entertainment and various applications.