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Tianmaheld screen time tunnel


Creative LED screen

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    • Commodity name: Tianmaheld screen time tunnel
    • Commodity ID: TMH-SKSD 系列
  • The principle of space-time tunnel is the LED display screen is to replace the original mechanical rotating drum technique, using indoor dual color video screen. The module is embedded on the inner wall, the light emitting pixel is composed of red, green and two kinds of color LED dot matrix module, each color can produce 1024 level gray scale and has the function of nonlinear correction. Red and green color can be adjusted separately. Through the red and green two colors and different brightness levels in combination with each other, provide different levels of red, yellow, and green display effect, with a certain color expressive force. The scanning frequency is high, and the stability of the flat screen is stable. The function of energy saving, anti - static and high - current impact. High stability, high life. Color reduction is accurate, bright color, high definition. It sets the photoelectron technology, micro electronics technology, computer technology and information processing technology in one, using modular control, size, free combination, structure refinement, high stability, human visual characteristics of nonlinear processing, in order to achieve clear image, distinct, color soft and bright, full-featured, graphic audio-visual articals and other characteristics. Image transformation, such as the underwater world, time and space tunnel, the vastness of the universe, all over the sky and other images. Can show thousands of television programs, to meet the needs of the various technologies, according to different ages of people playing different images, can be used for many purposes