Tianmahui 150 square meters outdoor surface stickers full color screen shine Xuchang Vocational and Technical College

Sunshine because of "the sunrise at the beginning of the light" and the name, located in the Yellow Sea, is a beautiful coastal city.

The site is located in the Rizhao City human resources market new building, Rizhao human resources market is sunshine municipal government identified as the important content of the project "building human resources and public service platform", the new building has been successfully completed and opened, the new building of human resources market, fully integrated into the talent market and labor market service functions, will become a comprehensive external service window in Rizhao City.

Now, whether it is to come to this job seekers or staff in the building, into the building will be found in front of a beautiful LED display, display strong, good performance, delicate and smooth screen for the job seekers to ease the inner pressure.

Rizhao human resources market room screen types for TMHWP10RGB-C, area of 86.55 U.S. square meters, at the beginning of the design of the display, screen design is according to the characteristics of the building itself was designed, the perfect fusion of the two, not only decorated the building, more enjoyable the hearts of people.